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Refresh and Health is involved in many local, regional and world networking events. Find out where Refresh and Health will be next and visit Helen Joseph at her next event with Refresh and Health.

  • 29th Annual World Congress 

    • With the numerous challenges and changes that have occurred within the last two years, the healthcare field is entering a new chapter with new opportunities to build a more resilient medical system that centers on science-based, whole-person care. Themed "The Next Chapter: Unmasking the Hidden Epidemic," this year's 29th Annual A4M World Congress will address many of the neglected crises within our medical system that have left patients, healthcare professionals, and our shared communities overall vulnerable. ​

  • Northern Business Associates

    • NBA (Northern Business Associates) is a networking organization comprised of local businesses and organizations in the greater Redding area in Northern California.   They are dedicated to providing products and services to individuals and other businesses with quality and integrity in a professional, yet very personalized manner.


    • A revolutionary technology sustains and rejuvenates the beneficial properties of natural ingredients that facilitate cellular absorption.ids, organic acids and antioxidants, making them more bioavailable. 

    • Click here for more information

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Check back later for more events and news from Refresh and Health!

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